Leadership Challenges in Student Affairs

EDLR 5108: Leadership Challenges in Student Affairs


What I think: "Leadership" is an elusive concept. This class will not provide a simple menu, a recipe, a laundry list, or other construction that will tell you, the students, what leadership is. I doubt I could provide such a thing, even if I wanted to. What I hope for us is that throughout this semester, we will explore the concept of leadership, through readings, discussions, observations and thought, through conversations with one another and with people in "leadership" positions, and at the end of the semester, arrive at some understanding of leadership, i.e., what are the essentials of an effective leader?

EDLR 5108: Syllabus

Complete syllabus for the class (the schedule is not included, but available separately). 
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EDLR 5108: Schedule

Class schedule for the 2008 school year. 
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