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"About Campus" is the magazine of ACPA.  These are selected articles I have written over the past two decades.

440 Pearl Street:  Autism on (and a block away from) Campus

 Working with, for, and around students on the Autism Spectrum.

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The Calculus of Grief


Students' resilience in the face of loss.
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Agatha's Flag


Stars, stripes and sentiment. 
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Behind Every Face is a Story


What would happen if we stopped to notice students, ask questions and actually listen to their responses? 
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Slaughterhouse Seven


Are there any epiphanies in killing a chicken? 
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Telling Tales in School


Knowing our students, and our institutions, through their stories. 
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Jason and Brian, March 16, 1994


Two very different students with two very different fates... a director of campus programs watches their lives converge in a surprising way, and her view of students is never the same again. 
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Go Brits!


What can truly bring together the hearts and minds of the diverse individuals who make up a college or university? Is there some higher concern that can inspire and unite everyone? Maybe ... or maybe there's football. 
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Waging Peace on Fraternities

From the font lines... a reluctant warrior's story. 
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Dreams, Alive and Well and Living in Boone


A hundred students, a hundred carefully crafted lives. 
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Wide Margins


Paying attention to students who don't fit in. 
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My Medicated Students


I'm not that kind of doctor. 
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One Day at Hartman Rocks


Learning to trust the system. 
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Farcical Moments


Things happen. Sometimes they're funny. 
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Bulking Up


Yet another trend. 
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Belly Up Three Feet from the Shore

Sometimes the only recourse for people who are responsible for programs on campus is to scream "cowabunga" and hope for the best. 

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Is Outsourcing Going Too Far?

A letter like this one may be hitting your in-box soon.
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Melody Must Predominate


What is the tune that holds all our work together? 

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What Students Build


On finding a place for students to hang their coats. 

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Leadership, Feminism and Classroom Politics -- or How I Gave Up the Fight and Learned to Love Resistance

Most of us resist learning to some extent or another, so it's not surprising that students do as well. But as professionals who bump up against this resistance in our students everyday, whether in a class, workshop, or special program, what's are best recourse? How can we help students get beyond their resistance? 

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Go Tell It on the Mountain

On building raptor cages and self-confidence.
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The Search for Signs of Intelligent Searches


What candidates and the people who search for them are doing wrong. 

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Full Exposure

Sharing the meaning of manhood.
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Falling Through the Cracks


Two women, a student and a residence hall director, find themselves alone together one night, confronting their failures. 

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